WELCOME to Smelscer Plumbing, Inc.

Smelscer Plumbing, Inc. is a full-service plumbing contractor offering plumbing repair for residential and commercial clients. Since 2002, we have been providing plumbing services in Waco, China Spring, Hallsburg, Golinda, McGregor, Beverly Hills, Bosqueville, Texas, and everywhere in between.

We know how essential proper plumbing is for every building, be it a single family home or a small business. Whether it’s a clogged drain or slab leak, we know a plumbing problem can be the one event that ruins an otherwise peaceful day. Our trained team of plumbers has developed a reputation for outstanding work and exceptional customer service.

However complicated the plumbing repair, our plumbers can handle the job. Smelscer Plumbing, Inc. offers comprehensive plumbing services, including: Backflow Prevention Devices, Water Heaters, Drain Cleaning, Garbage Disposal Systems, Slab Leak Detection and Camera Leak Detection. Whatever your plumbing needs, you can trust Smelscer Plumbing, Inc. to take care of you every step of the way.


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We serve the following communities and everywhere in between:

China Spring
Golinda, McGregor
Beverly Hills


To schedule a free consultation for a plumbing repair project, call us at (254) 749-7955.

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