Perma-Liner™ Pipe Repair

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Zero Dig Trenchless Pipe Repair

The Perma-Lateral™ Solution

As a certified Perma-Liner™ installer, Smelscer Plumbing is a trained expert on pipe lining materials, methods and techniques to ensure a successful, permanent solution. Our licensed and professional crew eliminates the need to excavate and replace the old sewer as was traditionally the case. Instead, the old pipe is lined, creating a brand new pipe within the old one.
Perma-Liner seals broken areas in all types of piping

Residential and Commercial Services

  • Repair PART or ALL of a compromised pipe
  • Minimum Life Span of 50-Years
  • Interior repairs (within the slab or under a house)
  • Exterior repairs (to the road)
  • Goes under your landscaping, not through it
  • Works under sidewalks, driveways and pavers
  • Zero internal damage - no jack hammering floors or destroying walls
  • Completely restores damaged lines
  • Eliminate tree root intrusion

    Dependable, Job done right, good price.

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    Save Your Yard,
    Don't Dig It!

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    Easy Hassle-Free Repair Process

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